Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference - 2017

Part 139 Issues Update

Presented by Mike Mullen, Mark Cozad & John Fotiadis- FAA, We will be discussing updates and changes in the Cert Prog.m since the last year. In addition, we will be presenting on problem areas that we have encountered during Part 139 inspections.   Lastly, we will be presenting on all Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations (V/PDs) that have occurred during the past year.

Runway Reconstruction Design Problem & Solutions

Presented by Jay Freund - WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff & Topeka Airport Staff. This presentation will cover the aspects of the design of the project, what we did right , what we did wrong and the lessons learned in the process.

NOTAM Manager and the Federal NOTAM System Update

Presentation by Steve Meinders, Jennifer Dady and Ken Swygard - FAA-Lockheed. Activation of new airports, USNS to FNS migration, The Runway Construction Notice Program, and the Results of the July 2017 TALPA Conference

Planning & Design of Terminal Aprons of GA Airports

Presented by Brian Tompkins & Jeff Deitering- FAA-Airports. This presentation will present an acceptable methodology for developing an aircraft fleet mix suitable for design purposes that is based on reliable data, appropriate for the project, and acceptable to FAA.

Pavement Design, Evaluation, Updates to Pavement A/C, PCN for GA Airports

Presented by Doug Johnson - FAA-Airports. This session will include an update from FAA HQ on issues related to the design and construction of airfield pavements with an emphasis on the changes to AC 150/5320-6F Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation.  In addition the session will provide a brief overview of upcoming changes to other pavement advisory circulars as well as one way to report Pavement Classification Number (PCN) at GA airports, as presented in AC 150/5335-5C Standardized Method of Reporting Pavement Strength - PCN.

Winter Problems Due to the New NOTAM System

Presented by Steve Eggers - Springfield Branson National Airport. Discussion on how the new NOTAM system affected the airports and flight crews

Asphalt Pavement Preservation

Presented by John Hunter & Brad Grose - Asphalt Systems. What options do you have to extend the life of your asphalt pavement without a major replacement project. 

Contract Towers

Presented by Steve Stockam - Joplin Regional Airport. This problem is till on the table.

Solar Energy for Your Airport

Presented by Michael Shonka. Can you save money with SOLAR energy on your airport.

What Happens to a GA Airport When a Jumbo Jet Lands

Presented by Genevieve Long - Applied Pavement Technology and John Oswald - Wichita Airport Authority. Here's what James Jabara Airport had to do when a 747 inadvertently landed on their runway.

Airport Insurance in Today's Market

Presented by Clyde Ehrhardt - Ehrhardt Aviation Agency, LLC. Do you have the right insurance for your airport and your exposure risks.

Leveraging GIS to Support FAA Reporting & Compliance Requirements

Presented by Eric Risner & Melissa Rank - Woolpert. Airports can obtain and update airport mapping & GIS data through AIP eligible planning or grants. Many software tools are available to assist in managing spatial date and help leverage it to improve the efficiency of your airport regardless of size. 

FAA Update and Q&A

Presented by Jim Johnson - FAA Central Region & Winsome Lenfert - Associate Administrator of Airports - FAA.

AIP Process Case Study Part #1

Presented by Doug Anderson, FAA. This session will be the first of two part presentation that describes the AIP process from a planning perspective.  The discussion will focus on the steps necessary to take a project from the initial planning stages to actual project initiation for a generic airfield pavement project.

Smart Airfield Deicing/Anti-icing

Presented by Laura Maio - New Deal Deicing. Pavement conditions in the winter time is the most difficult to manage. This presentation will give you some ideas on how to prepare for and handle the winter problems.

Wildlife on Your Airport

Presented by Cody Baciuska - Loomacres. How to control the critter problem.

Safety Management System for Your Airport

Presented by Yasmina Platt - AECOM. What will the Safety Management System mean to your airport. It's coming, if you are a certificated airport, in the near future.

AIP Process Case Study Part #2

Presented by Tim McClaran & Justin Collier - FAA. This session will be the second of a two part presentation that describes the AIP process from an engineering perspective.  The discussion will focus on the steps necessary to take a project  from the project initiation stage to grant closeout for a generic airfield pavement project.

TSA Update

Presented by Jim Spriggs & Jay Brainard - US Department of Homeland Security. What's Up and What's Coming.

Engaging with ACRP to Make it Work for You

Presented by Mike Salome - TRB-ACRP. This program will give you guidance on almost every aspect of running your airport. Best of all it Free!

UAV FAA Update

Presented by Marvin Moore - FAA/FSDO. This problem is not going to go away anytime in the near future and it is a serious hazard to the flying public.

Airfield Marking Best Practices

Presented by Mike Speidel - Sighline Airport Marking Consultants & Mike Mullen - FAA. Are you painting your airfield markings to last and correctly?

Minimum Standards

Presented by Lynn Martin & Deandra Brooks - FAA. This presentation will provide guidance for developing Minimum Standards for Aeronautical Activities.
Geotechnical Due Diligence for Airports
Presented by Mike Laney - Terracon. This presentation will discuss preliminary geotechnical studies that can be performed from a desktop rather than a subsurface investigation.