Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference - 2018

ACRP Research for Managing Small Airports

This session will provide the small airport operator some guidance on the myriad of issues they face everyday. Session presented by Tara Harl, ACRP Ambassador

Construction Safety and Phasing Plan (CSPP) as Easy as 1,2,3

 Overview of the FAA’s process of reviewing CSPPs  and present a few case studies on proper phasing and how to (and how not to) barricade construction areas. Presented by Nardos Wills & Brian Tompkins, FAA Central Region.

Innovative Asphalt Runway Rehabilitation Projects

 Strother Field Runway 13-31 reclamation which reduced runway closure by 15 days and saved $250k.  Rogers, AR did a complete runway rehab in less than 10 days. Presented by Adam White & Caleb Coltrane, Garver

UAS Update

This problem is not going to go away anytime in the near future and it is a serious hazard to the flying public. Presented by Marvin Moore, FAA FSDO.

Maximize the Benefits of a Full Scale Emergency Response Exercise

When you have to have an Emergency Exercise get the most benefit for you and your community. Present by Hilary Fletcher, Jviation & Dustin Havel, Asst. Airport Director of Ops, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Cement Modified Soil  (CMS) Stablization

A cost effective alternative to fly-ash for soil stabilization. Presented by George Tannoury, Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Solar Energy for Your Airport

Can you save money with SOLAR energy on your airport? Presented by Michael Shonka, Solar & Heat Electric.

Towers, Wind Turbines and Cranes in Your Airports Airspace. Off airport obstructions.

How to deal with towers and  tall structures in your airports airspace. Presentation by Vee Stewart, FAA Airspace Specialist Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Post Accident Family Assistance

Incident Family Support Team (IFST) is a voluntary organization to support the affected family and friends of aircraft accident victims until professional help arrives on scene. Presented by Kelly Fabrizius, Wichita Airport Authority & Hilary Fletcher, Jviation.

FAA LED Airfield Lighting Update

Update on LED lighting.  Specifically the progress since 2012 on the AIP eligibility of high intensity runway lights and infrared emitters for red obstruction lighting, but also lessons learned from the last decade of installations, actual cost/labor savings realized, success stories, etc. Presented by Robert Bassey, FAA Headquarters, Washington DC.

FAA Update General Session

This is the latest information from FAA. Presented by Jim Johnson - FAA Central Region 

TSA Update and Q&A

TSA update on the latest issues and an opportunity to get some of your questions answered. Jay Brainard & Jim Spriggs, TSA

Innovative Approaches to Stream Bank Erosion on Airport

Case studies in erosion control in different enviorments. Some endangering runway safety areas.  Others involve the Corps of Engineers, State Regulators. Presented by Tyler Horn & Brian Garkie, Crawford Murphy & Tilly.

Up Coming Changes to Airport Construction Standards

 What changes are coming to A/C 15/5370-10. Presented by Dan Wilson, FAA Central Region

AIP Process - Hollywood Squares Edition

This presentation will provide information about the different steps in the AIP process using a game show format. Presented by Todd Rastofer, Anthony Pollard & Jason Knipp, FAA Central Region.

Managing Public Relations in Development of an Airport Project

Key aspects to be covered will include:  being flexible in taking advantage of the opportunities that are available at moments in time, using an Airport Business Plan to make the case for airport development, and the importance of stakeholder/community engagement. Presented by Ty Sander, Crawford Murphy Tilly and John Barker, Bob Harnett & Sarah Shore, City of Lee's Summit, MO.

The New Modification of Standards (MOS) system in Airport Geographic Information System (AGIS)

Explanation of new MOS system in AGIS. Will go through examples, reasons behind current FAA thinking, what to submit and how the process works. Presented by Dan Wilson, FAA Central Region.

NEXT-GEN - Where are we going!

This is an update concerning NEXT-GEN and the program status. Presented by John Speckin Acting Regional Administrator, FAA Central Region.

Best Practices in Repairing Airport Concrete

What causes pavement distress? How to evaluate problems. What distresses lead to failure. How to remedy the problems. Presented by Feras El-Ghussein, Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Do you know if you have a Storm Water problem? How about your Spill Prevention Plan is it current? Presented by Rick Smith, Mid-West Training.

Runway Incursions - "Runway Safety is a Team Effort!"

Runway incursions continue to be a risk to safe airport operations.  We will present current trends, examples of specific events, and to discuss the best practices for airport operators to help manage this risk. Presented by Tom Frakes, FAA Central Region.

Stretching Dollars to Make It Fit Your Budget, Coffeeville Taxiway

How the FAA, Sponsor and Engineer collaborated to create a design within a fixed amount of Non-Primary Entitlement funds and work with a paving contractor to create a successful rehabilitation project for an existing taxiway between two active runways. Presented by Kerry Adams, PE, Burns & McDonnell.

Airport Airspace - Beyond Part 77 Imaginary Surfaces

Discussion on Lines of Business. FAA reviews in each project, what other approach/departure surfaces are being reviewed (besides Part 77) and touch on the requirements for Airspace Study Submittals in the Obstruction and Airport Airspace analysis. Presented by John Karrasch, FAA Central Region.

Part 135 Issues

This presentation reviews recent changes to AC standards and FAA policies in the Airport Certification Program. In addition, there will be a Part 139 Quiz Show. Presented by Mike Mullen, Mark Cozad & John Fotiadis, FAA Central Region.

Contract Towers

Round table discussion. This problem is still on the table. Presented by Steve Stockam, Joplin Regional Airport.

Apron Rehabilitation and Pavement Preservation 

This presentation will feature the key elements to consider when selecting a pavement rehabilitation methodology which preserves the integrity of the existing pavement and allows for traditional paving methods to be incorporated into a cost effective and time saving project using “crack and seat” technology. Presented by: Jose Villarreal and Shawn Klingele, PE, Burns & McDonnell.