Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference - 2019

Airport Leasing Rates & Fees - Management Best Practices

Is your airport charging the right fees for your services and land? Presented by David Benner, Aviation Management Consulting Group

Airport Planning & Environmental 101

What environmental problems are you going to run into for your AIP Project. . Presented by Doug Anderson, Airports, FAA Central Region.

Commercial/Industrial Development of Airport Property

Getting non-aviation tenants on your airport is not just putting up a "FOR SALE" sign.. Presented by  Courtney Dunbar, Olsson, Inc.

Contract Towers

Round table discussion. This problem is still on the table. Presented by Steve Stockam, Joplin Regional Airport.

Do you have Gliders, Banner Towing, Parachute Powered and Free Fall Operations?

Understanding the problems involved with parachuting, banner towing, glider & powered parachute operations on your airport. Presented by Mike Millard, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector

Emergency Pavement Repairs, Planning for the Unexpected

Emergency assessment & implementation of pavement repairs due to storms, bad winters and natural disasters. Present by Ray Ryan & Ryan Lorton, Burns & McDonnell

The FAA's Non-Federal Airport Aproach Program -  Avoid Costly Mistakes!

A cost effective alternative to fly-ash for soil stabilization. Presented by Natashia Jones, FAA Non-Federal Program Manager.

FAA Update - General Session

This is a listening session to get the latest information from the FAA.  Presented by Jim Johnson, FAA Central Region

Feasibility of establishing a brand new airport and the process involved.

This session will cover everything from concept to ribbon cutting. Presentation by Jearld Searle, HDR, Inc.

Financial & Technical Assistance from DOT

Session will cover the programs & services offered by  DOT’s Build America Bureau, including airport financing opportunities through the Transportation Infrastructure Financing and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program. Also covering DOT’s TIFIA Rural Projects Initiative, a new  program to support rural infrastructure needs. Plus much more. Presented by Danielle Rinsler, DOT's Build America Bureau.

How to Acquire Government Surplus Equipemnt Free, GSAXcess Program

This is the latest information from FAA. Presented by Monica Brynes, GSA Donation Specialist, IA, KS, MO & NE

How to use "Design Build" AIP Construction

The presentation will outline considerations for airport sponsors desiring to use design-build contracts for AIP projects, and the process to use when selecting and managing the design-build contractor to ensure AIP eligibility.Presented by Don Harper, Airport, FAA Central Region.

ICE Control for Your Airport

 This session will help you prepare fo rthe worst show and ice events. Presented by Dan Gleichman, Cryotech Deicing.

Instrument Flight Procedures Coordination & Development - Lessons Learned

The process of an instrument flight procedure from project intiation to publication. Presented by Ronald Roetzel, Bolton & Menk.

Part 135 Issues

This presentation reviews recent changes to AC standards and FAA policies in the Airport Certification Program. In addition, there will be a Part 139 Quiz Show.  Presented by Mark Cozad,, Airports FAA Central Region.

Revised150/5370-10H Standard Specs for Construction on Airports

The standard specifications contained in this advisory circular (AC) relate to materials and methods used for construction on airports. Presented by Dan Wilson, Airports, FAA Central Region.

Runway Incursions - "Runway Safety is a Team Effort!"

Runway incursions continue to be a risk to safe airport operations.  Presenting current trends, examples of specific events, and to discuss the best practices for airport operators to help manage this risk.. Presented by Tom Frakes, FAA Central Region.

Towers, Wind Turbines and Cranes in Your Airports Airspace. Off airport obstructions.

How to deal with towers and  tall structures in your airports airspace.  Presented by Vee Stewart, FAA, Airspace Specialist; IA, KS, MO, NE

TSA Update and Q&A

TSA update on the latest issues and an opportunity to get some of your questions answered. Jay Brainard & Jim Spriggs, TSA

UAS Implementation in Airport Planning

This presentation focuses on how UAS is currently being utilized to gather and apply aerial imagery in airport planning together with the development of GIS applications for airport operators.. Presented by Chris Gardner & Jared Wingo, Bolton & Menk.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems - UAS airport applications and UAS detection technology

This session will provide the latest from the from the FAA on UAS and your airport.  Presented by Mike DiPlato, FAA Airport Safety R&D & Security Sections

Using DOT Specs in GA & Regional Airports

How the FAA, Sponsor and Engineer collaborated to create a design within a fixed amount of Non-Primary Entitlement funds and work with a paving contractor to create a successful rehabilitation project for an existing taxiway between two active runways. Presented by Ryan Hanson, HDR, Inc..

What Airports Don't Know  & Should Know About Aircraft Refueling!

Are your aircraft refueling systems safe, efficient and accurate? Presented by Keith Clark, Phillip-66, QC Tech Rep.

Your Airports Role During a Natural Disaster

           This is a panel discussion as to what happens at your airport when your community has a major disaster. Are you prepared?                  Presented by Hilary Fletcher, Jviation.

Your Right-Hand Helper: How ACRP Research Can Make Your Job Easier

Are you still trying to figure out ways to run your airport efficiently? Well the ACRP program is the "You-Tube for airport managers". . Presented by: Brenda Enos, ACRP Ambassador.