Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference - 2021

Airport Cooperative Research Program

Do you have an idea or have an airport problem? Get the answer here! Presented by Diane Hofer, ACRP

 Airport Wildlife Management

If you have uncontrolled critters on your airport you need to attend this session. Presented by Dan McMurty, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services.

Airports External Portal

Airports External Portal (AEP) is a database that allows sponsors to enter project data, contact information and have online access to critical reports, The system automates the current manual process of emailing. faxing of project data to FAA project managers, This presentation will explain what AEP does when airports sign-in. There will be a live demo of the system. Presented by: Sarah Smith and Jason Knipp, FAA Central Region.

Are Your Storm Water Permits Up To Date

This year several States have updated their Storm Water Permits and their requirements to meet the new 2021 EPA requirements. Presented by: Richard Smith, Midwest Training.

Best Practices for Designed to Build 

How design-build delivery method puts design, budget and schedule control in the hands of the owners. This brings together architects, engineers and builders to the same table and fosters creative solutions which resulting in a single point of responsibility, streamlined schedule and economical efficiencies for the owner. Presented by: Chris Hotop, Dave Hadel, Jodi Cooper, Burns & McDonnell; Mike Parks, Columbia; Katrina Amos, Cape Girardeau Airport.

Challenges in Developing a New Runway Approach

This presentation will explain the steps in developing a new Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP), NAVAID relocation, runway lighting, pavement marking, etc.  Presented by: Carl Byers -  Bolton & Menk.

Complex Construction Safety & Phasing Plan Preparation

This session will explain the key items that are needed during the process of developing a Complex Construction Safety & Phasing Plan (CSPP) for airfield pavement and electrical improvements. Presented by: Matt Jacobs and Ian Wright, LOCHNER.

Contract Towers

Round table discussion. This problem is still on the table. Presented by: Steve Stockam, Joplin Regional Airport.

Cyber Security - Mitigation on Your Airport

This presentation is for airports, large and small. We all have potential problems in the cyber arena. Presentation by: Geoff Jenista, Cyber Security Advisor Region 7, Department of Homeland Security

Deicing Chemicals and Their Use

Are you using the most practical and efficient deicing chemicals and products on your runways & taxiways during winter weather? Presented by Carla Potts, NASi

FAA Update - General Session

This is a listening session to get the latest information from the FAA.  Presented by Jim Johnson, FAA Central Region.

Fraud Awareness

 Don't get Burned by not understanding the misuse of government grant money. Presented by DOT, Office of Inspector General.

Human Trafficking Prevention Training for the Aviation Industry

Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud or coercion to compel labor or commercial sexual exploitation. It can also involve minors. 38% of travel is by airplane. Presented by-  Rebekah Covington, Nicole Rockwell, "BEST"- Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking

Hot topics in Airport Certification

A review of recent changes to AC Standards and FAA policies in Airport Certification. Plus, an update on the use of Florinated Foam Fire Fighting chemicals. Presented by - Mark Cozad, Andrew Edgar and Jerry Hayes, FAA Airports Central Region.

How Section 163 of the FAA Reauthorization Act Affects FAA's Review & Approval of Your ALP

Regional staff will discuss how Section 163 of the FAA Reauthorization Act affects Airport Layout Plan (ALP) review and approval. FAA staff will  discuss the processes used in evaluating airport development proposals. and talk about how to update and maintain your Airport Exhibit A - Property Maps. Presented by: Scott Schenkleberg, Scott Tenner, Amy Walter, Jason Knipp, FAA Central Region.

Introduction to AIP Eligibility and Justification Requirements

This presentation discusses the requirements for determining which airport development projects, and the elements of those projects, are eligible for AIP funding. Subject to adequate justification. Presented by Brian Tompkins, FAA Central Region.

Need a Hangar?  Design-Build for Hangar Projects using AIP funding!

This is an explanation of a MODOT Research Project that seriously simplifies building hangars using AIP funds. Presented by Phil Schawb, RS&H

Strategic Planning for Airports - Building Your Path Forward

A well crafted strategic plan allows an airport to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, embrace change, and align team members with a shared vision. This session will explore essential elements of strategic planning and how you can build a road map for the future of your airport.   Presented by: Hilary Fletcher and Jeff Mulder, Jviation, a Woolpert Company.

Sustainability Fuel for the Future

What strides are being made toward a cleaner fuel in aviation. Will Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) be affordable and readily available? Presented by Timothy Obitts, NATA.

TSA Update and Q&A

TSA update on the latest issues and an opportunity to get some of your questions answered. Presented by: Angie Brooks, TSA

UAS Hi-Performing Compliment to Airport Graphic Information Systems (GIS)

This presentation will show you how unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can save you time and money when you need to upgrade your airport data for projects submitted to the FAA. Presented by: Melissa Rank, Woolpert.

UAS Unmanned Traffic Management

UAS Traffic Management/Airspace Mobility Solutions & Integration into the National Airspace System. Presented by Steve Willer, Thales.

What Insurance Do I Need for My Airport

This session will address airport insurance needs, plus current and potential problems in the future. Presented by Kyle White, Marsh & McLennan.