Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference - 2022

AIP Consultant Selection Process

This consultant selection process as indicated in the advisory circular and explain when each of the different processes is appropriate. Presented by Ed Hyatt - FAA Central Region

Airport Part 139 Certification Hot Topics

This presentation reviews recent changes to A/C Standards and FAA Policies in the Airport Certification Process. Presented by Mark Cozad, Jerry Hayes and Andrew Edgar - FAA Airports Central Region.

Airport Cooperative Research Program

Do you have an idea or have an airport problem? Get the answer here! Presented by Diane Hofer - ACRP

Airport Runway Safety is a Hot Topic

Runway incursions continue to be a risk to safe airport operations. Presenting current trends, examples of specific events and a discussion of the best practices for airport operators to help manage this risk. Presented by Tom Frakes - FAA Central Region

 Airport Wildlife Management

If you have uncontrolled critters on your airport you need to attend this session. Presented by Dan McMurty - USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services.

Are You Safely Maintaining Your Numerous Electrical Systems?

Airport electrical systems, pavement lighting, NAV-Aids & Electrical Vaults each have their own unique requirements for safe operation. Not Understanding these hi-voltage systems can be hazardous to your health. Presented by Carl Byers - Bolton & Menk and Shawn Hauf - Des Moines Airport Authority.

Aviation Weather & How the National Weather Service Supports the Aviation Community

This is an overview of the National Weather Service aviation forecasts and the services they can provide you and your airport. Presented by Kenny Podrazil & Chelsea Kenyon - CWSU-ZKC National Weather Service

Contract Towers

Round table discussion. This problem is still on the table. Presented by Steve Stockam - Olsson.

Expanding Polymer Injection Ground Improvement for Infrastructure Resiliency

Do you have uneven pavement problems? Presented by Rex Klentzman, PE - URETEK USA, Inc.

FAA Update - General Session

This is a listening session to get the latest information from the FAA.  Presented by Jim Johnson - FAA Central Region.

How Inspection Data Can Determine & Drive the Economics of Your Airport

GIS data can show the difference between visual inspection and GIS survey data and how it can help save you money. Presented by Grant Bishop - Silent Falcon UAS Technologies.

Hi-Tech Survey Methods Make Gathering Airport Support Survey Data Work for You

Using drones, ATV's Lidar and other unique tools to gather large amounts of data quickly and safely at airports with minimum disruption. Presented by Mike Klasing - Trekk Design and Ryan DaMetz - LOCHNER.

NEPA Updates, Documentation and Best practices

Changes to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Regulations, implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and impacts on the FAA's Planning and Environmental processes. Also, types of NEPA evaluations, documentation and best practices including 508 compliance and project files. Presented by Scott Tener - FAA Central Region.

New Guidance for Reporting Airport Pavement Strength

"ACR/PCR the new ACN/PCN, but one is not like the other." New pavement reporting system and important dates for AIP submission. Presented by Dan Wilson - FAA Central Region.

NOTAMS - Who, What, What, Where & Why

Airport field condition assessments, winter operations safety and reporting. Presenter to be determined.

Overview of the New Kansas City International Single Terminal & Parking

 New single terminal at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) has many unique features for the traveling public. Opening Spring of 2023. Presented by Jade Liska, Deputy Director Planning & Engineering - Kansas City International Airport

State of Air Service Post COVID

All the key factors that are relevant to the status of the airline industry including changes to airline fleets, pilot capacity & training, strategies that have caused large scale severe disruptions. Presented by Nicholas Haan - Crawford Murphy & Tilly.

Technology & Part 139 Training Requirements

Benefits of electronic recordkeeping and reporting on your airport. Presented by Lorena de Radriquez - Safety & Security Instruction.

The Checklist of Development of AIP Projects: Back to Basics

The steps necessary to help sponsors accomplish their AIP Projects. Presented by Brian Tompkins - FAA Central Region 

TSA Update and Q&A

TSA update on the latest issues and an opportunity to get some of your questions answered. Presented by Angie Brooks - DHS.

Using Thermal Imagery for Facility Assessment & Airport Maintenance

Thermal assists in identifying potential problem areas so these issues can be documented and repaired. Presented by Melissa Rank PLS - Woolpert.

What Role Do Airports Play in a Statewide UAS Network Infrastructure?

The role of airports in an evolving transportation system that supports recurring long-range beyond visual line-of-sight UAS operations. Presented by Steve Willer, Business Development Manager of Digital Aviation Solutions - Thales.